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Meet Aramis Maldonado: An Exciting New Name in Streetwear Fashion

July 31, 2018

Photo by Roger Richardson



It's always exciting to hear about new and upcoming talent in the world of art and culture. It reminds people that art is constantly evolving and the culture is endlessly growing. But in a world where so many people are trying to do the same thing, only a certain few can rise above the noise. Meet Aramis Maldonado: an exciting new name in streetwear fashion.


Aramis grew up in The Bronx, NY, but now lives in the Hudson Valley. His interest in fashion originally stemmed from his interest in skate culture. But the more involved he was in skating, the more he found himself gravitating towards the fashion that is synonymous with it. Eventually, he stopped skating all together and began pursuing fashion as a career. Since then, he has created his own brand of streetwear called 2 Dead Men and the brand is continuing to grow each day. We had the opportunity of catching him during his busy schedule to talk more about his beginnings and his plans for the future.



Photo by Roger Richardson



What's good Aramis! What have you been up to recently?


Thinking of new designs for my new collection. Trying to get inspiration from different places. Trying to get as much feedback from the people who genuinely fuck with the brand and seeing how I could grow from where I am now.


And what exactly do you do and what is your brand?


I come up with the ideas and direction for my brand called 2 Dead Men. My brand is a collection of thoughts that I have. Inspiration I get everyday from what’s around me. What I love, what I hate, and what I want in life. It’s essentially a streetwear brand.


What was it that drove you to clothing; especially in an era where the industry may seem super cluttered?


It all started for me when I was in 7th grade. A friend of mine had put me onto skateboarding and we would skate around in the Bronx after school. Trying to skate better, I would watch YouTube videos on my spare time. I stumbled upon the Ice Cream Skate team and it was off from there. It was like another world. I’m watching this team of kids that Pharrell put together skate around the world in these expensive ass, dope clothes and surprisingly I was more pulled in by the clothing and lifestyle as opposed to the skating. I wanted to be on the team! I started paying more attention to the clothes I wore to skate in, and I also started looking up different brands I saw other skaters wear. I skated up until about my sophomore year of high school, and then I called it quits. I wasn’t as driven as I once was, and I was more interested in fashion and interior design.



Photo by Roger Richardson



Skating is definitely the biggest catalyst to the street wear movements that we see today. It's dope that you're connected to those roots that helped build this culture! How did you come across the idea of making your own clothes and how did you actually pull the trigger on it?


It definitely is. Well, I would put together outfits that people seemed to like. I started sketching ideas and I would get most of my inspiration from the thrift shops I went to in Manhattan as well as my friends who all seemed to have the same interest. It wasn’t until after high school that I started to bring my ideas to life. I started making these embroidered hats that I thought would be dope and people were quickly drawn to them. I got a lot of feedback from the hats, but I didn’t really get into my brand until I really had no choice but to put it to work. I left this company I had worked for for four years, and I had all the time in the world to do whatever I wanted. I started coming up with ideas, I teamed up with a graphic designer and made it happen!


Shit dude, that's insane for somebody so young to just snatch an opportunity like that and really make it yours. Where does the brand name "2 Dead Men" come into play? And what does it really mean to you?


It comes from another HUGE inspiration for my clothing which is movies. Since I was a kid, I loved horror movies. I would stay up all night watching horror movies, have nightmares, and the next day I’d do it all over again. Till this day, I’d pick horror over any genre of film. So I wanted a title that could be a great horror movie, just as it would a clothing line.


[Laughs] That's awesome! I think that's pretty fucking cool if you asked me. Now seeing the success you've been having with the brand, where do you see yourself taking it to further your endeavors in the clothing industry?


Thanks brother. I feel successful already in that I’m reaching people that I’ve never met before. I’m talking to people who have no idea who I am and they genuinely like my ideas, they like the idea behind my brand. I’m looking to eventually take it beyond graphic work. At some point, I would love to create cut and sew garments. I would love to venture into furniture. My brand, to me, is a platform for me to branch out and adventure into other forms of arts. I have a few collections planned as well as events that will definitely come to life in the near future. I’m planning on teaming up with other artist to create more work, to create more good vibes and energy for the world, and to network each other to get to where we want to be.



Photo by Roger Richardson



That's the dream brother! Where do you see yourself (and your brand) in 6 years?


Hopefully all across the world. My dream has always been to have my clothing line (my brand) in Tokyo. That’s my goal and if I reach that, I succeeded.


2 Dead Men in Tokyo? I'll be first in line waiting for that grand opening! [Laughs] Well, that's all I got man. Did you have anything you wanted to let the people know before we finish up?


Ayyyyy! I appreciate that and no, that’s it. I hope more people enjoy the brand and the love continues to grow.


You and I both my dude! It was dope chatting with you man and I can't wait to see what you got in store for everybody!


Likewise bro. Thanks for interviewing me. I’m looking forward to more work from you as well.

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