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Drake Gives Back In A Major Way In The Music Video For 'God’s Plan’

February 16, 2018



Recently, you may have noticed that Drake has been doing a lot of good deeds in Miami. He donated money to many different schools and organizations for children, bought groceries for everybody who was currently food shopping at the time, bought toys for many children, gave away shopping sprees, gave away cars, and the list goes on.


Today, Drake released the music video for ‘God’s Plan’ and it explains exactly how much he gave back to the community. The beginning of the video states that the budget for the music video was $996,631.90 and Drake and his team gave away every cent. The video follows Drake as he does these good deeds, helping those who could really use it. At the very least, this music video is beautiful and very important. Not just for Drake, but for all people to understand. Helping others is the most beautiful part about living. It gives people the strength and hope to keep moving forward when things get tough.


Watch the music video for 'God's Plan' here. What did you guys think of it? Leave a comment below!





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