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Danielle Grubb Has Someone That She Needs To Love In 'Undone'

February 2, 2018



Danielle Grubb is a singer-songwriter from Dallas, Texas who combines the elements of funk, rock, and soul to create her own lane and genre of Pop music. Today, she released her brand new record titled ‘Undone’ and it’s an up-tempo song that we already know would sound incredible live.


From what we concluded through Danielle's lyrics, the song is about a relationship that was separated due to certain circumstances. And the relationship can’t move forward until Danielle is able to bridge the gap. So she is desperately trying to remedy the situation.


Read the full lyrics below:


It ain’t the way it used to be 

And theres somebody that i need to love 
But she ain’t waiting for me by the sea 
She’s awaiting her destiny


And I miss her like 
She misses sunlight 
And I’m coming undone 
In front of everyone


She don’t wanna get too close till we on the same cost 
So i’m coming, I’m running as fast as i can 
She don’t wanna hold me tight till we in the sunlight 
So i’m coming, I’m running as fast as i can


Nah she ain’t the way she used to be 
Now she’s someone I gotta get to know 
And she ain’t about to wait for me 
She got an appointment with her destiny


And I miss her like 
I’m gonna start a riot 
And I’m coming undone 
In front of everyone


Ooh my body’s weeping 
She stole my heart, and I hope she keeps it 
So ima open up now 
You can read me,you can see me, 
I’m coming undone


Listen to 'Undone' by Danielle Grubb here. What do you think of the record? Leave a comment below!



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