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Dave Langston Sets The Vibe With His New Album 'Dream Deferred'

January 12, 2018



Combine ambient soundscapes with great vocal delivery and beautiful melodies and the result will be Dave Langston. Coming from New York, Dave Langston is an upcoming Hip Hop artist whose soulful music is something you need to know about.


Recently, Dave Langston released his album titled ‘Dream Deferred’ and the title could not have been any more appropriate. From beginning to end, the album feels like you’re taking a journey through a dream of ambient synths, jazzy chords, groovy vocal rhythms, and sultry vocal melodies.


The album begins with a track titled ‘Smoke Well’, featuring Bri Marie. It’s a great choice for an album opening. Not only does it ease you into what the album has to offer, it feels like the most personal record on the album. Right from the beginning, we get a sense of who Dave Langston is as a person. The aesthetic of Track 2, titled ‘Dumb Dreams’, is refreshing because it keeps the ambient vibe, but blends Hip Hop with Chill Wave. And this is not something that is done often. Track 4, titled ’Souvenir’, takes a slightly more energetic approach. The production is simple with piano, drums, and percussion. However, the catchy musical and vocal melodies make this one of the more commercial records off of the album. The track titled ‘Actors’, which is towards the end of the album, is probably the most addictive record of the bunch. Not only are the lyrics and vocals catchy, the production (produced by Hanz) is smooth, creative, and very cinematic. After one listen, you can’t help but want to play the record over and over.


This album, as a whole, is very cohesive. And if you’re ever in the mood to listen to Hip Hop with an ambient and chill vibe, ‘Dream Deferred’ is definitely worth having on your playlist. It boasts features from Bri Marie, Dianna Lopez, Quise, Cliff, and Alicia Bagley. It also features production from NAUUDA, Lakey Inspired, Oracle, EatVictor, Hanz, and Steezy Prime.


Listen to 'Dream Deferred' here and leave a comment below to let us know what you think!



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