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Premiere: Kendyle Paige Gives Us A Vivid Introduction With Her Debut Single 'Flower'

November 17, 2017



The first impression is always the most important. It sets the foundation, in the eyes of those around you, to the amount of potential that you may have. And when it comes to music, Kendyle Paige does not take this rule lightly.


Kendyle Paige is a 20 year-old singer/songwriter from Middletown, NY. She has been singing and writing for quite some time, but now she has teamed up with music producer Brandon Lee Richardson to release her debut single titled, 'Flower'. As soon as the record starts, it hooks you in as the production goes straight into the first verse, showcasing Kendyle's powerful voice. As the record progresses, the production continues to develop and build until the drop hits. Once the drop hits, it takes you to another place where the vibe can be best described as a vast and endless space.


But what makes this song so special is that it's not only driven by a great production. The record is also lyrically on point as well. Not to mention Kendyle's incredible delivery. 'Flower' is a vivid introductory to who she is as an artist and a person, which seems fitting for a debut. She says, "Flower is my introduction, and that’s a challenge. How do you get to know someone in four minutes? I think pain is a good place to start. Pain can be a very private affair that helps us to discover truths about our nature. When we suffer alone, our loved ones rush to provide comfort, and the suggestions they make may not be applicable. Not all means of healing are right for every situation. Flower is about pain, but it’s also about seeing the strength in yourself to overcome when the advice of others may not be enough. I think surviving that pain in my own way is the story that Flower tells, and that’s a story with which most people will be able to identify."


Photo by Noel Mcgrath


'Flower' is available now on all major online platforms. Listen here and leave a comment below to let us know what you think!



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