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Interview: MNYS Talks New Music, His Process, And What's Next In His Career

October 20, 2017

Photo by Roger Richardson



MNYS is an upcoming singer-songwriter and producer from the Hudson Valley. Originally an acoustic act, he went by the name of My New York Summer. In the process of rebranding himself as a pop/electronic artist however, he decided to change the name and keep the acronym. Recently, he released a single titled 'Break', which amassed over 21k plays on SoundCloud. Today, he released his newest single titled 'Erase It'. The track has an uptempo groove that's complimented with extremely catchy melodies. Every time the drop hits, you can't help but want to turn it up. With 'Break' and 'Erase It' now released, MNYS has solidified his new sound and we're excited to see we're he goes from here. We were able to catch up with him and talk about his new music, his process, his collaborative efforts, and what he has planned for his career in the music industry.



Photo by Roger Richardson



What made you choose the name, "My New York Summer”?


When I was 19, I was away for school and started a solo acoustic project titled that. It was the name I felt most connected to at the time - so when I started this new direction, I kept its acronym MNYS - in memory of that.


Were you going to school for music?


Nope, psychology.


I did the same thing. [Laughs] What high school and colleges did you attend?


Pine Bush High School. Originally went to West Virginia University, ended up getting my AS from SUNY Orange and BS from SUNY Purchase.


SUNY Purchase must have been a great place to help network and make bigger moves for your music.


I hear the program is great, but my major was Communication - so I wasn't even allowed to work out of the studios there. I still do everything out of my own room, so most of my network has been made via inernet.


[Laughs] I feel like that's the worst temptation. To have all of that expensive and dope equipment, but not be able to use it. What factor made you decide that a music career was worth following?


I've learned it doesn't matter where you're working out of - just how hard you're working. I'd say the factor was being in sessions and realizing how some of the biggest songs were created in someone's bed room. It motivated me even more.




Are you producing and writing all of your work? Or are there some people helping out along the way?


It depends on the project. I write all of the MNYS work, and usually produce to a point I'm stuck on and send stems to get alternate ideas. But if someone has a great production idea, I love writing to that too.


I got the chance to listen to your new track, 'Erase It', and the vibe that it entails and delivers blew me away. What was the process taken towards the production of this track?


Thanks man! I was sitting on a melody idea for a while that I finally got to use. I wrote it over a chord arrangement and a producer I work closely with gave it new life with a drop I never had thought of having in the track. I knew exactly where I wanted it to go from there.



Photo by Roger Richardson



I can definitely see that track being massively popular. Do you have any other projects in the works as of right now?


Yeah, tons I'm tweaking right now.


Are you planning any album or EP releases anytime soon?


I don't have any plans to do so at the moment.


What is your game plan exactly as far as releasing anything else or perhaps performing anywhere?


I plan on releasing music a track at a time and see how it goes. I'll also be featured on some too. By spring, I'm hoping to have enough out and play an official NYC date.


That sounds dope, dude! I also saw that you were featured on a track with Florals. How did that collab come about?


I stumbled on his SoundCloud and sent him an e-mail. It was the first track we did together. A few months later we actually got in the studio when I was in LA.





How do you like the collaborative process compared to working individually?


It depends who the session is with and what the track is going to be used for. I do like seeing reactions in real time - but sometimes things may feel rushed or you don't see eye to eye with someone.


I definitely feel that. It also helps if the other artists personality is able to mesh with yours I'd imagine. Are there any other people who you'd like to collab with in the near future?


I've got a few in mind that I want to reach out to, but going to hold off until I have some more content out.


Awesome, dude! Well, you answered all the questions I had but was there anything you wanted to say or talk about before we finish this up?


Just want to thank the PAZ team for taking the time!

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