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Geena Renee Enters Into A World Of Vulnerability With Her New Album 'Cipher'

October 20, 2017



About a month ago, Geena Renee released her single titled 'Meet Me On The Balcony'. It spoke on the idea of relying too much on someone else for your happiness and struggling to find a sense of independence. The track was the first single from her newest album (which was released today) titled 'Cipher'. Although 'Meet Me On The Balcony' had a Punk vibe in nature, the album as a whole has a very eclectic feel to it. It combines different genres from hard-hitting Punk tracks (Meet Me On The Balcony), minimal Singer-Songwriter arrangements (Dandelions), smooth R&B (Midnight Oxygen), and even early twentieth century music (Microscope). The influences from different genres seems fitting, given the fact that the album lyrically speaks on self-discovery. It can almost be seen as a metaphor in itself that there can be many intricate layers to a person.


Geena says, "Cipher is the complete antithesis of anything I have ever written or performed before, but it definitely sounds like who I am as an artist and I think it really has my stamp on it. It’s super dark and has a lot of intricate layers in terms of lyrical content. I talk about self-worth, self-discovery, vulnerability, intimacy, and body image, amongst other things. There’s even one song inspired by “Breaking Bad.” I feel that the album pushes boundaries in a lot of ways, reflects how I am more daring as an artist than I used to be, and shows that I’m not afraid to do something quirky every once in a while. And while there are a lot of different types of songs on the record that could probably fit into a bunch of different genres, I think it’s all really cohesive and creates an amalgam of all the different types of music I draw inspiration from."


'Cipher' is now available on all major online platforms. Listen on Spotify here:



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