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Tom Hardy Will Star As The New 'Venom'

May 21, 2017



Venom is a character that was first introduced in the Spiderman comic books. He is a symbiote (an alien race originally known as the Klyntar) and is made up of a gooey, liquid-like texture. The symbiote requires a human host to bond with so that it can survive. Once it is bonded with a host, it will give it's powers to that host. In this case, the symbiote bonds with Spiderman, but was later rejected by the hero. After being rejected by Spiderman, the symbiote bonds with Eddie Brock (a failed journalist who blames Spiderman for his own shortcomings) and becomes Venom.





Sony and Marvel attempted to bring Venom to life years ago in the first Spiderman trilogy. However, it was a major fail. From the casting, to the acting, to the storytelling, everything about it was a disappointment. Since then, Sony and Marvel have come up with a different game plan and it seems that they might get it right this time. And on top of that, their execution is a little different this time around.





For starters, they chose Tom Hardy to play the role of Eddie Brock. From appearances to acting ability, there is no question that Tom Hardy is an excellent choice. To direct the film, Ruben Fleischer (most known for directing 'Zombieland') has taken up the task. The second great thing is that instead of putting Venom as a feature in the Spiderman movies, he will be getting his own solo movie. In fact, Venom will not be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe at all. It is rumored that Spiderman will be referenced in the film, but will not actually appear. The best part about this is that 'Venom' will be Rated R, like the successful Marvel films Deadpool and Logan (arguably the best Marvel movies made thus far). This means that Ruben has more freedom to make this film the way it should be made; without the limitations of audiences from the new Spiderman movies (which has a much younger audience).


Marvel was the first to set the trend for creating a cinematic universe for comic book films. Now they are the first to set the trend for making Rated R comic book films, while proving that it indeed can be successful. This makes things much more exciting and we can't wait to learn more about the Venom movie as the information unfolds.

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