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The Rise Of The Independent Artist (Part 2)

May 5, 2017



We talked about the the benefits of being an independent artist in a previous post, 'The Rise Of The Independent Artist (Part 1)'. However, we only talked about the business side of it. There are also some creative benefits to being an independent artist as well.


The biggest benefit to not signing a major deal is that you have creative control. If you are the type of artist that always has new ideas and looks to progress your music forward, than this is ideal for you. One of the greatest things about making art is experiencing growth in your artistry and allowing your fans to experience it with you. That idea alone can give you a stronger connection to your fans because it is essentially a journey that you and your fans embarked on together (with many new people joining along the way). Without the ties of a contract, you have free reign to experiment as you please. You can take as many risks as you want without any old men in suits, with no creative taste, telling you what to think and how to feel. Your experiments may sometimes backfire, but you can learn from your mistakes and keep moving forward. It's all part of the ride.


Another great benefit to being an independent artist is that you can expand your business to whatever you want it to be (because as an independent artist, you are technically running your own business). Since you have 100% ownership of your music and brand, the possibilities are literally endless. You can create your own independent label, publishing company, clothing line, radio show, etc. just off the strength of your music and fanbase. And because you own it, you can creatively decide how your business will run and look.


Technology is advancing in so many ways and it has given millennials, as musicians, an opportunity to take control of their future. The days of "label executives" taking advantage of artists for the sake of the label's own profit are slowly coming to an end.

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